Tim “T-Paw” Pawlenty Would Kill Qaddafi

by Rahul Ravi

In the midst of a severe lashing at the hands of David Gregory on Meet the Press on Sunday, Tim Pawlenty said that he would actively try to remove Qaddafi from this world using either cruise missiles or special forces (begin at the 15:20 mark).  When asked to clarify his comments, Pawlenty justified his stance by citing Qaddafi’s history of killing Americans (in the 80s) and by citing the International Criminal Court’s (an organization Republicans are loath to support for Constitutional reasons) indictment as sufficient reasons.  So lets get this straight: Pawlenty would go against Executive Order 12333, enacted by Reagan, to assassinate the leader of Libya, who is not an enemy combatant, and who is effectively marginalized in his own country.  After offering a reasonable approach to the Middle East at the Council on Foreign Relations a few weeks ago (one which blogger Abu Muqawama dissected perfectly), it is disappointing to see T-Paw go in this direction.

The video is below and Gregory starts speaking about Libya at around the 15:20 mark:


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