Reed on Middle East Progress blog; Sullivan update

Read the article HERE. Update: Andrew Sullivan quoted Matt’s piece earlier today.

Al Ajnabee would like to thank Matt Duss, Director of the Middle East program at the Center for American Progress. Earlier today he posted a guest article about the GCC by our own Matthew M. Reed. The article, titled “The GCC: How Much for Stability?” raises serious questions about the billions of dollars recently promised by GCC member states. This money, which is going to revolutionaries and regimes alike, has been dismissed by critics as a desperate attempt to temper or deny revolutionary causes. The article asks four key questions: “What are the donors’ intentions? Where is the money going? How much influence can they buy? And how much will be delivered?” Included is some commentary about the nature of authoritarianism and the limits of what influence money can buy.

From the conclusion:

Assuming Gulf money will have a major impact on the Arab Spring would be a mistake. Their aid will bolster relations with budding democracies, but friendly regimes, faced with existential threats, are unreliable given the circumstances. It’s also unclear just how much money will ever reach these countries. If anything, outreach to post-Mubarak Egypt and Libyan rebels proves the Gulf monarchies do not care what form stability takes in other states

Look for more of our commentary here and elsewhere on the web. Thanks to everyone for re-posting, tweeting, bookmarking, commenting, and sharing our project.


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