Update: Erdogan Says PKK Must Lay Down Arms

Here’s Robert Hatem’s quick update on Turkey’s Kurdish minority. He’s written twice before about this issue for Al Ajnabee. You can read his June guest posts by clicking HERE and HERE.

While the 10-point plan and other governmental concessions on the Kurdish issue are hopeful signs, recent remarks by Turkey’s Prime Minister point to the difficulties that still prevent any long-term solution. Erdogan says that the PKK must unconditionally lay down its arms. Although it’s important to remember that PKK terrorism and the Kurdish “problem” are separate, it must be recognized that ending the PKK threat is vital to solving the Kurdish issue. So long as the PKK exists the Kurdish issue will remain alive.

A far better plan would be for the government to attempt to include the PKK in a political compromise, bringing the group into the political system and giving them a stake in the country. The only options for the PKK therefore are to either trust the government and surrender unconditionally or to continue the fight. It’s not too difficult to figure out which they’ll pick.


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