Call for Submissions: “Iran and Its Neighbors, Post-Arab Uprising”

Muftah and Inside Iran have extended their deadline for submissions:, a digital foreign policy magazine on the Middle East and North Africa, and, a journal of analysis and research written primarily by scholars and activists who recently left Iran, will co-produce a Special Issue on Iran’s role in the Middle East and North Africa since the start of the Arab uprisings.

In 2011, an unprecedented wave of popular demonstrations shook the Middle East and the North Africa region. One by one, dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya were toppled; Bahrain witnessed mass protests and Syria fell victim to a bloody struggle between the Assad regime and its people. Amid this instability, Iran has found an opportunity to exert its influence in the region. Iran’s hegemonic aspirations, which partially rest on the country’s ancient imperial past, were reawakened and bolstered by the fall of autocratic leaders who long shunned Iran’s ruling regime. However, navigating the tumultuous and unpredictable world of Middle East politics will not be an easy task for Iran, and many challenges lie ahead.

Will Iran be successful in confronting the many challenges presented by the current political instability in the Middle East? Can Iran revive its regional supremacy? How will the outcome of events in Syria and Egypt impact Iran’s regional ambitions?

This special issue will take a broad, analytical perspective on Iran’s future role in the Middle East and North Africa. We are seeking well-written and well-researched submissions of 1500-2000 words, including summaries and/or excerpts of recently completed research and works in progress, that explain this issue from a country specific or regional perspective.

Submissions are due Monday, July 28, 2012 [NOTE: Extended]. Please email submissions to & For additional information, please visit and or contact Reza Akbari at


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