Two New Articles on Iran Sanctions in 2012-2013

For me, this year ended just like it began: writing about Iran, its oil wealth, and sanctions designed to curb Tehran’s nuclear pursuits. I have two more articles to share from this week:

The first article is a review of the past year. It can be found at, an international relations blog with a European bent based out of the U.S. and U.K. This article, titled “Iran Sanctions: Effective But Unsuccessful In 2012,” sorts through the assumptions built into this year’s sanctions. It also details how much Iran lost in 2012 and hints at 2013 being much tougher on the country’s economy. It’s a good review for those in need of a brief and sober assessment with essential numbers like revenues lost and diminished exports.

The second article, published today by the Middle East Policy Council, explores a topic I paid special attention to earlier this month, when a U.S. Treasury official laid out new sanctions slated for February 6, 2013. This measure (see my review here) will effectively lock up Iran’s oil revenues in countries that it maintains huge trade deficits with. Taking this prospect a step further, my new briefing for MEPC details how this will affect Iran’s relationship with India and other major trading partners. It’s titled, “Sanctions and Iran’s Trade Deficit.” Be sure to read it.


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