About the Authors

Matthew M. Reed (@matthewmreed) is a Middle East specialist for a consulting firm in Washington, DC. His commentary has been published by Foreign Policy, the Atlantic Council, PBS Frontline’s Tehran Bureau and other outlets. He also co-writes a monthly bulletin for the Middle East Policy Council. He completed his graduate studies at George Washington University in 2011.

Rahul R. Ravi currently peruses the Internet and print media for any and all news relating to the Middle East. He has worked at the International Crisis Group and specialized in US foreign policy in the Middle East at George Washington University, where he received his M.A. in Middle East Studies in 2011. He holds a JD from Syracuse University and worked at a startup company for two years before curiously deciding that it was not worth the headache, while the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is. His experience in the region consists of living in Syria and travelling through Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel.

Robert Hatem holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from George Washington University where he specialized in U.S. Foreign Policy. He has several articles currently under review and pending publication with academic journals; all focus on Turkey and the Kurds. Over the past two years he has been writing a manuscript on a similar topic. He currently works for the Moroccan American Center.

Andrew Kirkby is an M.A. Candidate in Security Studies at Tel Aviv University. He also holds an M.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut. In addition to living in Israel and Lebanon, he has traveled throughout the Middle East, the Former Yugoslavia and the Former Soviet Union. Previously, Kirkby worked at the Center of Arab and Middle Eastern Studies at AUB. He is currently a Research Assistant at the Institute of National Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

Salman N. Al-Rashid received his M.A. in Security Studies at Georgetown University in 2011. More of his analysis appears on The Washington Note. Originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he has dedicated much of his academic career to studying Middle East history, politics, language, and culture, especially during his time at Stanford University. He previously interned with the Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog do not reflect the position of our employers.

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